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  Year 2012 Cancer Horoscope

Cancer January 2012 Horoscope and Forecast

Fun loving and passionate Cancers begin the year with taxes, legal matters and wading through government red tape to get something important accomplished. The month will be slow, serious and studious and devoted to getting rid of the mountain of paperwork that has been piling up on your desk for some time.


This is not the month to spend too much money. Taking care of this paperwork may reveal some hidden costs that need taking care of. You will be in a better position to spend money in the Spring.


You may be longing to get to a creative project but your schedule will be more open for that in the following months. This month is when you will be building a foundation for the future by getting the foundation of your life in order. It is also a good month to strategize and write a business plan, make to-do lists and plan a workable budget.


You are best spent working intensely by yourself behind-the-scenes. This is not a good time to take on extra responsibility at work. You should also avoid taking part in office politics or spreading any gossip. As juicy as the rumor is passing it on could get you in a lot of trouble.


If you are single be sure to get out to parties, bars and online to flirt with others. The planets are predicting that it will be much easier for you to meet a soulmate than usual in 2012. Many Crabs will also decide to get married in January after spending a wonderful New Year’s together.


You might feel tired, stressed and like you are gaining weight. The trick to feeling better is to take a lot of long walks in nature, even if it is a bit chilly outside. Bundle up and get the blood flowing so that you do not court the chance of getting sick.


It is important to for you to stay open-minded and positive during January which may seem like a boring and frustrating month. Things will improve and tell yourself that old wise saying, “…and this too shall pass


Cancer February 2012 Horoscope and Forecast


Your creativity is at its peak this month. You are extra inventive and should channel some of this energy into a hobby that could possibly be a side-line that makes you money. There are some important social connections in your sphere that can help you make a living doing what you love. However the problem is that you may not be feeling that social.


This month could find you feeling a bit irritable and restless. This is due to an ongoing battle between Venus and Mars. Relationships could be a bit strained. You may find that you end up in more power struggles than usual. Try to restrain yourself if you feel snappy and short-tempered. Spending more time alone working on your hobbies is a good idea, especially if others are being provocative or argumentative. Things may get so bad that you may actually have to tell people that you cannot handle their behavior for now and that you will return to their company when you feel more confident that you can trust them.


This is also a good month to seek out therapy to finally get to the bottom of what is making you feel so troubled and impatient. If you have been indulging in a habit in order to escape work pressures, rocky relationships or other stressful situations then February 2012 is also a good month to seek out counseling for that.


You should also avoid “acting out” by spending your money on frivolous or unnecessary things. Single Crabs who are feeling alone in the world might be extra vulnerable to trying to comfort themselves by shopping and buying too much. Try to put your credit cards away and not touch them during this month when the temptation to spoil yourself will be very alluring. The amount of debt that you could end up in by the end of the year from overspending will definitely not be worth it.


Romantically your Valentine’s Day shows potential but it could be hard on single Crabs who are prone to depression. Sensitive Cancers should not hide from the holiday but instead attempt to have divorced and single friends over who may also not be having such a great time handling the holiday. Instead of stuffing yourself with comfort food make an effort to feel better by taking a long walk or indulging in some type of exercise that you enjoy like swimming or cross-country skiing.


Emotional and financial stress could cause you some problems with your digestive system if you are not careful. Make an extra special effort to stay away from people and places that upset you. You should also avoid the Crab’s tendency to eat all the wrong things when angry.


Cancer March 2012 Horoscope and Forecast


Creativity, pets and children are your focus for most of March. Make the most of your urge “to play” by doing fun, innovative projects with your children. This is also one of the best months all year for a Cancer native to adopt a pet. If you do not have children then you might want to consider getting a pet and raising it as your “baby.” You will be in the mood to do good for the community and adopting a pet from a rescue shelter is one way of making this world a happier place to live. If you do not have your own child you also have more of a chance of babysitting or spending more time than usual with a relative or friend’s child. The same might be true of an opportunity to babysit a dog, cat or some other type of pet.


Communication planet Mercury is retrograde in January and this makes life slow to a crawl for your sign. It may be hard for you to get phone calls returned or information may be temporarily withheld for you. Be sure to back up all of your computer information as your technology could be affected by this aspect as well.


Yet another effect of the retrograde on your sign may be a tendency to be accident prone. Take public transit to avoid being caught up traffic jams. This is also not the best month for you to take a test, especially a driving test. You are less focused than usual and it will be harder for you to retain any information that you are taught.


You may also want to focus on redecorating your home. You can create many home projects that could serve as a way of bonding you with your kids and spouse. You may also be more concerned with such issues as using solar panels for power and heat or building garden compost. This March you will feel closer to nature than ever and be quite concerned with protecting waters from being polluted. There will also be many opportunities for you to get involved in community projects that educate all about the plight of the earth.


You might be tempted to spoil yourself or your children this month but be careful not to spend to much money. The planet Saturn makes it a little bit difficult for you to get out of debt this month. Your cash flow may not be flowing as generously as usually so you are better off to make your own fun at home. Consider taking your children to free exhibits, festivals without admissions and events that take place in local parts.


Single Crabs do have a possibility of being proposed to later in the year but they have to make sure they get out there this month and the ones coming up to make this a fact. You cannot win or lose at the game of love if you do not find the courage to play. It is time for Crabs to forget their disappointments of the past and get out there and show they are willing and available to start a new relationship.


At work it is best to lie low as things may not be going that well. There will be lots of paperwork or complications. Go with the flow and do not make waves no matter how unjust you think a situation might be. Relieve any work-related stress complications by taking long walks and just doing the simple thing that a Crab enjoys like reading a good book or taking a long soak in a bath.


Cancer April 2012 Horoscope and Forecast


In April a series of events will force you to become more efficient, more organized and pragmatic. At work you could be assigned more responsibility, which could steal time away from family and friends. It is crucial that you take care of what happens as work as the planets indicate lay-offs and shortages. Your stress level in April will be much higher than it has been in previous months and it will be absolutely crucial that you do not let your boss, clients or customers run you ragged. It might be quite hard for you to not resent and employer who seems controlling or unfair. However your best approach is to cooperate best you can.


Be sure to get enough sleep, take your vitamins and exercise to work off some of the nervous tension that this month is going to cause in your life. In particular, watch what you eat or you could develop an ulcer or a sour stomach of some kind; your stress levels will be very high and Crabs tend to suffer with digestive problems when this happens.


It may be hard to find time for yourself never mind your lover, children or pets. This could cause some lashback in your personal life from children or spouses who wonder why they never see you. Single Crabs may find it difficult to get out there and meet someone because they are so busy all of the time. It will be difficult to find time to date so meeting people online might be a more efficient way to find a new relationship.


Some of the issues that you were having with family and your social life in February might come back to haunt you in April. Others may simply resent you for not spending enough time with them. Do not let yourself be harassed or criticized by needy people. Set a healthy boundary between you and someone who may be under the impression that they “own” you.


All of this hard work might bring you a bit of a bonus or a bit more money on your paycheck. However be careful not to squander these funds. In April overspending is also a danger for Crabs. Although you feel that you are justified with business expenses it is best to look it all over and reassess it all. There are some things that you think are necessary to buy that are not necessary to run your business or to facilitate your career at all. You should also be very careful, just like last month, not to try and soothe jangled nerves by spending too much money on frivolous things like boots, sunglasses and the latest technology. Cutting back on your expenses is highly recommended, as this is not one of your best years for making or saving money.


Cancer May 2012 Horoscope

On the 7th and the 8th you will experience low energy levels. However, on the 10th you will find that your energy level picks right up again. On the 21st you will find that your dreams have a very powerful message for you. Pay attention! On the 22nd, avoid extra caffeine or you will have trouble sleeping. On the 29th you will find that you have an abundance of ideas.


Cancer June 2012 Horoscope

During this horoscope´s 2012 month, the Crab will find that on the 10th your creativity is very strong. Take advantage of this day. On the 16th you glow. On the 20th positive past deeds could bring unexpected rewards. On the 25th you will experience that your levels of energy are much greater.


Cancer July 2012 Horoscope

On the 3rd a creative idea at work could mean more money in your pocket. On the 12th it is important to stay centered and balanced. On the 22nd you sparkle and shine. On the 27th you energy levels will run low engage in a short walk.


Cancer August 2012 Horoscope

During the horoscope 2012 month of August, it is important that on the 2nd avoid purchases, as you will spend too much. On the 4th pay attention to dreams as they will hold a special message for you. On the 21st you will experience a burst of energy. On the 29th you will sparkle and shine.


Cancer September 2012 Horoscope

During horoscope 2012 of the month of September, be caution on the 4th of the month and avoid spending, as you will over spend. On the 16th pay attention to your dreams as they may hold a special message. On the 20th you glow. This is a day to get out and about! On the 21st focus on partnerships is strong.


Cancer October 2012 Horoscope

On the 3rd, authority figures should be avoided. On the 7th or 13th of the month n inspirational idea to make more money in your career is yours! On the 24th you will experience an abundance of energy. On the 26th, single Crabs may find that love on the horizon!


Cancer November 2012 Horoscope

On the 7th stay centered for the best results. On the 11th you and others will truly glow. On the 19th intuition is particularly strong. On the 27th others will see your point of view.


Cancer December 2012 Horoscope

On the 1st you will find you are focused on ideas to further your career development. On the 6th your intuitions to further your career are even stronger. On the 10th or 13th of the month, do not say too much. After the 25th look within yourself and avoid making logical decisions. Horoscopes 2012 is coming to an end, look back and enjoy the year you’ve had.


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