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Year 2012 Leo Horoscope

Leo January 2012 Horoscope and Forecast 

This is the beginning of a year filled with hopeful and interesting events. The determination that you have to change your life for the better is really going to work well for you throughout 2012. January is the month to start implementing your new plans and show yourself and others how disciplined you can be when it comes to keeping to your goals. You may be spending a lot of time shuffling papers and taking care of taxes. Necessary legal matters may need to be attended to in January as well.


The year may start off with a bit of a cash shortage. You may have to be quite creative when it comes to budgeting in the month of January. Remember that any scaling back that you do now financially is likely to benefit you greatly later in the year.


Your social life is also going to be very lively all through January. You are going to be a very popular guest at dinner parties. Keep your eyes and ears open while socializing. You could hear news of new opportunities and contacts that could help you with a special project or help you get ahead in your career.


Attached Lions may find themselves arguing with their spouses a little more than usual. The source of these arguments has to do with a lack of money and also a lack of communication in general. There may also be some periods this month when you feel a little more irritable than usual. Do your best not to take out your moods on others. This is an influence that will pass. One thing that the two of you can do that would be very bonding is to share fond memories while looking at old photos together.


Both single and attached Lions might be seeing someone from the past this winter and the possibility of renewing a relationship is a real possibility. However this could make things very rocky for attached Leos so be very careful before you decide to cause trouble in your current relationship.


It is probably not a good idea for take on more personal or professional stress than you can handle because you are prone to health problems including digestive upsets. Back pain and nerve pain can also be a problem. Be sure to watch your diet and beware of spending too much time on the couch in January. You are a very athletic sign that would do well to take part in winter sports such as cross-country skiing or snowshoeing to stay fit.


Leo February 2012 Horoscope and Forecast


The focus this month is going to be on work. You will have more paperwork piled up on your desk than you can ever remember. You will simply have no choice but to take a deep breath, dive in and get it all done. Your co-workers and boss will also make it clear to you that they are depending on you to save the day somehow. Work hard and be diligent and you could find yourself in position of more responsibility (and also more pay) before the end of the year.


Your focus is also going to be on the organization and efficient day-to-day operations of your office or your operations. This means looking into gizmos and technology that can make your entire office more productive such as computer software or new technology. It might be up to you to set up a system that allows everything to operate in a smoother way.


As busy as you are at your current job you should also make sure that you are keeping your eyes open for job opportunities that are even better. The planets indicate that you may not stay where you have been the last few years and that a new job or job promotion is waiting for you.


This month you might have a bit of an increased income and you should do your best to make sure that it is not squandered and that it can be used for a savings program. Be sure to put a spouse and any kids on a budget so that there are no misunderstandings about when and how money can be spent.


Arguing and conflicts may still plague a relationship that is very special and cherished by you. It might be a challenge to keep the peace at home. Many of the arguments are caused by issues that took root a long time ago. The problems you are dealing with now can become chronic if you do not take the steps to address the underlying cause of all of the resentments and upsets. If addiction or a mental illness is the problem this is a good month to seek out help for it. A long talk where the two of you get your problems off of your chest might also clear the air and go a long way towards improving your relationship.


Keep your cool and count to ten before you decide to get angry. You are at risk of losing your temper easily this month. Take a time-out from your partner if you feel you cannot be respectful in words or action. It is especially important to do this if the arguments between you are preventing you from doing well at work. Your well-being and work productivity in general might be about setting healthy boundaries between you and a troubled love one.


Leo March 2012 Horoscope and Forecast


This month you might be looking into more concrete ways to bring more security to your future. One thing that might be on your mind is securing property for a home or a business. This is a good idea because it will help give you a firm foundation for the future. March 2011 is also going to be a great month for asking banks for a loan for a business or also to buy a property. If you already own property this is a good time to ask for your loan to be renegotiated.


Singles will lots of spare time on their hands because of planets that are in retrograde. Use this time to search online for a compatible partner or get out to seminars, meetings and parties to try and meet someone new.


You might be feeling a bit bored with your current routine but realize that all of this hard work is necessary to make things happen for you later this year. There is no harm in considering careers or even taking further education. Some of you may be considering testing your limits intellectually or even athletically. You can work off a great deal of nervous tension by working out or even doing something like joining a chess club. Do something that satisfies your need to win as you may not be getting that type of satisfaction elsewhere in your life.


In your personal life you might find yourself facing some bizarre circumstances. A startling family secret could finally be revealed that shakes the foundations of some important relationships. Be sure to be accepting, calm and go with the flow. You are at risk of losing important relationships if you have a big reaction to what is going on. Rather than dwell on what could have been you will be best off to make an action plan for what happens in the future.


This secret may also leave your family or loved one vulnerable to some kind of attack or you may have the realization that taking care of the issue is going to require extra expenses. It is very important for you to be organized and not create a drama out of what is going on. It is also particularly important for you not to bring your personal problems to work. You should also avoid indulging in any bad habits like overspending, drinking or taking pills to help you deal with your daily emotional stresses. The nature of the news is supposed to be a bit upsetting or shocking and if you feel you can’t cope be sure to see a therapist to help you manage your feelings.


You may find that chronic digestive problems become a reaction to your increased stress levels. Be sure to eat right, get plenty of exercise and meditate so that you are in the best shape possible to handle any surprises that happen this month. Meditation is definitely a practice that can help you clear your mind and also stay emotionally balanced.


Leo April 2012 Horoscope and Forecast


This month is much more positive than the last one and in many different ways. If you have been despondent about relationships then encouraging news comes your way with regards to a loved one you have been very worried about. If you are married you will argue less with your spouse. If you are single then your future really does look bright. The seventh and the eighth of April are ideal days for you to meet someone new. Both single and married Lions are very hot on the tenth. That is your best evening in April to seduce someone special.


Spring finds you cleaning up your abode to make way for a fresh new start. Many Lions will also get a haircut and buy new clothes. An extra bit of cash comes your way to help pay for sprucing yourself up so you can look as beautiful or handsome as possible. It is okay to pamper yourself because you have been working so hard since New Year’s.


In April you will be feeling like your old optimistic self again. Inside you will make the decision that you will not let the behavior of others get you down. This will go a long way towards setting you free from the burdens of guilt, resentment and anger that you have been carrying around for so long. No matter how badly someone has hurt you, you are ready to forgive and forget and move on.


On the 23rd money your focus turns to money. You may be considering investing a bit of a windfall into a new business or into buying a property. Many Leos can sense a change in the air and are preparing the way for them to be more creative or be their own boss. If you do decide to become freelance or run your own business then the 23 rd of April 2011 is an excellent day to put your plan into action. Banks and lenders might also be more willing to lend you money or renegotiate your mortgage on that day as well.


The general atmosphere is going to be more relaxed, loving and easy going that it has been in a long time. This is going to be a welcome break from the stress you experienced last month. However you might be suffering from some physical symptoms as a result of what you went through in March. If back pain is a problem then it might be time to do Yoga or visit a chiropractor. Be sure to stick to the diet and exercise program that you begun at the beginning of the year. If possible try to take a bit of a holiday to soothe your nerves and improve your health. Even a short day trip to the country could do wonders for your health.


Leo May 2012 Horoscope

On the 10th creativity is especially strong. On the 16th, you sparkle and shine. On the 20th, positive past deeds could bring unexpected rewards. On the 25th, you will find that your levels of energy increase.


Leo June 2012 Horoscope

The 3rd is a wonderful day for coupled Leos and you will find that you are in total harmony with your partner. On the 6th you will find that you are crabby which is a result of a subconscious origin. On the 11th, creativity is yours. On the 22nd writing and other forms of communication are strong.


Leo July 2012 Horoscope

Be cautions on the 1st to avoid an argument. On the 10th you will find that you may have a very good time. On the 18th folks are likely to see things your way. On the 28th be careful not to overly spend.


Leo August 2012 Horoscope

On the 3rd and 4th creativity is yours. Take precaution on the 9th to avoid an argument with friends. On the 23rd and the 24th, new, intuitive ways of doing things work better for you than conventional way.


Leo September 2012 Horoscope

After the 2 nd during September of horoscope 2012 you will find that your mind focuses more on fun. On the 3rd, be careful of advice that you receive from friends. On the 5th, you will sparkle and shine. On the 19th you may experience a very good time with your partner. On the 21st a money making idea could be yours.


Leo October 2012 Horoscope

October brings a positive month for the Leo. This month, the focus in on travel and higher education, expanding your horizons. Others you find yourself around will be attractive to your alertness. You will find on the 5th of the month, you sparkle and shine. On the 7th, look inside yourself for inspiration. On the 14th you will find that you are a bit restless. Take advantage of the 21st as it is a wonderful day to communicate with your partner. On the 30th of the month, avoid an argument.


Leo November 2012 Horoscope

Leo must avoid purchases on the 10th of this horoscope year month or they will find they pay too much. On the 12th you sparkle and shine. On the 21st creativity is yours! On the 26th of the month you will have plenty of ideas. On the 30th take special precaution to stay clear of authority figures.


Leo December 2012 Horoscope

On the 2nd of the month is a prime time for an outing with your partner as you will discover an especially good time shared. On the 9th, creativity is yours. On the 17th of the month, take precautions to avoid an argument. On the 22nd, you are filled with bright ideas. On the 29th, be cautious, as you may be full of yourself


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